The Congress “What if beauty could change the world ?” was born at the beginning of 1990 from a meeting between two people:


Oliver Fenoy was then Director of the Office Culturel de Cluny, a French Federation of cultural associations, working in fields such as theatre, cultural animation , artistic education, architecture, town planning and heritage...


Umberto Dell'Acqua was president of “Pedagogia global”, an organisation of Italian self-training of individuals working in the various fields of social action.

Their respective experiences, questioning shared by people with whom they worked, the challenge and the complexity of the contemporary era, brought them to imagine an open “meeting place” where those who try, through beauty, to work at creating a world where human beings can flourish, share, renew, enrich one another in the diversity of their areas of activity.

Since 1993, different editions of the Congress have been the opportunity to explore, in the heart of different European cultures, a few facets of beauty and with a range of participants of high great quality.