The Congress, apart from our meetings, is also a way of life, a daily search for better ways of doing things. Many take part as individuals.  Some professional associations and organizations participate explicitly as such and involve those concerned within their field of work in this unique dynamic.


Architecture Workshop

Art of living, art of building
When the architect, craftsman and resident work togetherfor a habitat that contributes to man’s fulfillment.


Café des Arts

Musical Evenings and café-théâtre
A place where artists and the public can meet in a welcoming environment, eat a good meal and recognise each other.



Constellation is a humanitarian organization whose objective is to promote human, economic and cultural development for disadvantaged children of the world.
Since 1996, Constellation implemented painting workshops for children from the third world, diffuses and develops works created by children and connects them with each other through the exchange of paintings.


Cultural Corporation Cluny

The genius of human community is revealed when everyone’s talents are involved.
A place for artistic creation, open to people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds.


Domaine du Tournefou

A cultural and artistic site (internships, artistic weekends, sessions).
Open to visitors and residents.
Graphic arts and photography workshops



Workshops, courses, stays… for people going through a difficult period in their existence, weakened by illness or mental disability.Toulouse.


Giedre Gajauskaite

Individuali Projektavimo Imone
Architect workshop


International Academy

The International Theatre Academy for Children was founded in France in 1986 following the shooting of a film about an encounter between peoples. “The future of man in the eyes of a child”. Co-directed by the Domaine of Tournefou and the American Indian community of Petsiamit, Quebec
It keeps this vocation of enabling children from varied cultural and social backgrounds to meet and open them to the universe through the adventure of an artistic creation.


Les Ateliers des Forges

Set designs for shows, events, exhibitions, productions
The art of highlighting people byspace, images, decor, sound, light… each element enhancing the expression of a true “word”.


Maison du Visiteur

Experiencing and understanding : a cultural visit to discover the romanesque heritage of VĂ©zelay.


Pedagogia Globale

Association for the promotion of human sciences.
The link that unites us is our conception of the fundamental beauty of the human person.
No matter where we exercise our professional skills, everywhere we see in the overall approach to this beauty the essential element and foundation of our mission.


Space, Art, Nature

Guided stays in Québec’s wide open spaces
Popular education, artistic activities
and cultural training at the “Vieux Couvent, Art and Nature”


Théâtre de l'Arc en Ciel

Theatre is a miniature version of the cosmos.
The word is made flesh, flesh becomes words.
Creation, drama courses.