Living with oneself, a land, the earth
may 17 to may 20, 2007
Valmeinier, France

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We believe that the greatest opportunity of our time, but also our trial, is to realise that man and Earth are not separated but one and the same reality. Taking care of oneself, no more than trying to save the planet, cannot make us really happy. A third dimension is missing, as an invisible hyphen: we will not live on this Earth without living beauty as intimately essential!

Day 1: Living
Walking in the mountains. Local farmer’s market.
Welcoming by the inhabitants: Savoie’s history of yesterday and today.
Vigil: storytellers, singers and regional musicians bring the treasures from their land.

Day 2
Singing workshops
Pier Angelo Sequeri, theologian, philosopher, musician and founder of Esagramme, educational program for children and adolescents with mental and psychological disorders, Italy.
Majid Rahnema, diplomat and former minister, author of «When misery replaces poverty», Iran.
Olivier Fenoy, comedian, initiator of the Congress, France.
Jacques Dufresne, philosopher, co-founder of the encyclopedia Agora online with Hélène Laberge, Quebec, Canada.
A casa di...meetings with a theme around researchers and practitioners:
Born and growing up: Sophie Dimitrieff, assistant Econtinuidad Peru, Peru – Jean-Luc Chautagnat Via Alpina youth project, France-Sylvaine Rémy: ass. Constellation, France - Elisabeth Toulet : International Theatre Academy for children – Geneviève Dell'Acqua : Pedagogia Global, Italy – Martine Devries, doctor, Marie-Claire Grasset, psychologist, France.

Earth in heritage: Bernard Boisson, photograph and Yves Moisdon, landscape - Philippe Morisset, consultant, animal and mineral balance, Thierry and Marie-Pierre Péronne, farmers and cheese makers, Cyril and Marie Bricard, farmers and cheese makers, Florence Browaeys, farmer - Jean-Noël André, Art Nature, Canada, Véronique Feugère, Visitor Centre, (Vézelay), Annie Maniak, speaker-guide FACIM France. – Alain Perdrix, doctor, storyteller, France.
Global animation: Gérard Carliez, Social director of a Social Hotel in Aix les bains, Marie-Claire Grasset, psychologist, France- Léopold and Geneviève Hervieux, Canada, Coryse Vattebled – Yves Pasquier,  Solid’art Director, France, Martine Belly, Corporation Cluny, Chili.
Artistic evening: piano, poetry, photos...

Day 3: Transfiguration
Singing workshops
A casa di...
A casa di Artisti: Ute Bauer, sculptor, Switzerland, Pierre Deloche, choreographer, France, Isabelle  Forest, actress, Canada, Baudoin Libbrecht, architect, Belgium.
Daily acts and political choices: Jacques Dufresne, Canada, Pierre – Louis Remy, general inspector of Social Affairs, France - Geneviève Dell’Acqua: jurist, President Pedagogia global, Italy -  Jeanne Gippa, regional advisor, France.
Being and having, an economy of life: Jean-Pierre Bideau, president of NEF, France -  Nathanaël Pingault, assigned to the Ministry of agriculture, France - Albert Kabore, Director of the Centre for the disabled of Koupela, Burkina Faso – Philippe Leconte, Chairman Supervisor for NEF - Jean-Luc Chatagnat, Oxalys Coop, France - Michel Salvi-Alessio, Banca E tica, Italy.
Architecture and town planning: Eric Baptista, carpenter, set designer - Joseph Clozani, architect, Rachel Carde, site artisan Coordinator, France - Giedre Gajauskaite, architect, Lithuania - Bernard Devert, founder of Habitat et Humanisme - Benoît Dargent, architect, France - Samira Soudahi, architect, Marocco,
Continued artistic workshops.
Artistic evening: joint creation, dance, theatre, singing. Ball.