Beauty, path to humanity
october 31 to november 3, 2002.
At the European House

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In which soil can beauty bloom?
How are we subjects of our life, in our daily lives and in our business? How to be an actor of beauty within our society?

Day 1: Beauty, an experience of being
Artistic workshops:
To cooperate is to be together, Maryse Quashie,
Le Rameau by Jessé, Togo. Look for beauty where it is not yet there, Marie Claire Grasset, Domino, France association. Youth at the Romanesque Abbey of Vezelay, Bénédicte Guillon-Verne, Visitor Centre (Vézelay) France,
Speech workshop
Artistic evening: Etty Hillesum, Rainbow theatre

Day 2: Paths of creation
The creator’s charter, André Gence, painter, France Mission priest, France.
Guided tour (walk) in Cluny
Artistic workshops:
Beauty beyond horror, Maryvonne Caillaux, ATD Quart Monde, France, the Beauty of the living environment: an utopia or a path? Benoît Dargent, architect, France and Beaudoin Libbrecht, architect, Belgium, Nature a recreational space, Jean-Noël André, wild life guide, Espace Art Nature, Quebec,Canada.
Speech workshops

Day 3: Societal overtones
Cluny, a civilizing inspiration, Michel Bouillot, historian, France.
Round Table: Beauty a key for our contemporary world.
Beauty, a way of humanisation for our time, Oliver Fenoy, actor, France.
Beauty as art of living, Iris Aguettant, actress, France
Claire Fabre, congress coordinator, France
Speech workshops
Provincial buffet: food brought from various regions of the participants
Artistic evening

Day 4: A common way
Post-Congress openings by thematic groups.
Cluny Abbey, guided tour.