The human mosaic is our chance
august 24 to august 27, 2000.
Zebegény, Hungary

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“Come to our country and enjoy discovering it; come and let’s build together human works like the precious stones of a mosaic, a promise of a livable future that reflects the harmony of labor, of the nature of man and his communities. We will build this mosaic with confidence, love, hope and optimism at the dawn of the third millennium, here in Hungary, in Europe and in the world.”
Peter Szendrö, Rector of St-Etienne University.

A poetic approach to Hungarian Culture: Arpad Fasang, pianist, Hungary’s Ambassador for UNESCO, Hungary.
Identity and communion, the challenge of the 21st century, Abbot Astrick of Pannonhalma, a cultural and spiritual Hungarian “sacred mountain”, Hungary.
From the person to the community, a path of co responsibility, Philippe Riché, geologist, Secretary of the “hope networks” created by René Macaire, France.
The mosaic of cultures and people, a chance for humanity, Ghaleb Bencheikh, president of the World Conference of religions for peace, France-Algeria.

Universal Exposition
How seeking beauty can enlighten our vision of the world and reveal the diversity and complementarily of men and cultures?
Presentation of 56 projects: live arts, educational -pedagogy- infancy, architecture and heritage, economy, solidarity, total development, health, social work... and 7 intersections on these themes.

Festive evening
Hungarian music and dances with the Ketret Orchestra and Maria Matzco, singer.
Banquet of the people: Specialities made in their country and region by delegates, artistic evening hosted by François Monnet, actor.

Piano recital, Marc Vella
Music of the Andes, Jorge Michberg, founder of the group Los Incas,
Olivier Milchberg.

Site layout and set design of the Congress were prepared in the course of a workshop gathering 28 youths. Europeans and Africans.