The first international gatherinf of the congress was held
november 11 to november 14, 1993
Espace Porte de Lyon, Dardilly, France.

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Opening: Miklos de Kiss, President of the Cultural Office in Cluny, Director of the Superior Institute of Marketing, Sales in Cergy-Poutoise, France.

Exousia, or the flourishing of being, by Olivier Fenoy, France.
The experience of time in suffering, by professor Lazlo Tringer, psychiatrist, Hungary
Requirement of truth in the city of men, by Jean-Paul Bolufer, Director of services of the Région Midi-Pyrénées, France.
This which concerns us, Cardinal Albert Decourtray, Archbishop of Lyon, France.

Workshops meetings of the standing commission of the Congress
Human and business work, president: Marcel Albert, regional counsel of the Loire County, France.
Education and training, president: Professor Umberto Dell’Acqua, president of the Pedagogia Global association, specialists at the European Counsel and at UNESCO, Italy.
Health and Medicine, president: Professor Gilbert Noël, doctor, France.
Architect in living environment, president: Michel Dinet, general counsel, Mayor of Vanne-le Châtel, France
Earth and rural world, president: Peter Szendrö, Dean of the faculty of agricultural sciences of Budapest, Hungary.
Reception and prevention, president: François Berger, first judge at the Criminal Court of Lyon, France.
Ethics of communication, president: Anne Sigier, Editor, Quebec, Canada.
The art of beauty. Responsible for implementing stage layout and artistic events of this gathering.

Recital by Philippe Guingouin, double bass, France.

Artistic evenings

Round table closing with Iris Aguettant, comedian, Rainbow theatre - Philippe d'Arcy, art critic, philosopher - Arpad Fasang, pianist, secretary of the Hungarian Commission at UNESCO - François Garagnon, writer, editor.