The days

The musicians of the Baroque period assigned their art to the three missions which Cicero attributed to rhetoric in the first century BC : delectare, please, delight, movere, stir, move,  docere, show, teach. Following their example, during these four days we propose to let ourselves be delighted, moved and taught.

Thursday 24 : Opening of the Congress.

Welcome and registration from 11am to 5pm at the Paris centre.

The congressists will get together in a garden ( The Luxembourg perhaps) for a musical opening ceremony.
Welcome address and draw for workshop participation ( ateliers de parole) in small groups of about 20 who will meet up on different occasions during the congress. Stroll and picnic in the workshop groups along the banks of the Seine to get immersed in the beauty of Paris.

Friday 25 : Delectare or delight

Starting at 10 am, the ateliers de parole, accompanied by people whose profession it is, set out to discover some of the facets of Paris « ville lumière » : its history, architecture, gardens, works of art, creativity....Picnic in the town. Discussion in workshops.

At 5 pm, the congress members meet at La Cartoucherie, in the théâtre de l'aquarium.
Visit of the exhibition : paintings, photographs....Actors from the Grand Théâtre de Paris present their artistic and human adventure which from 2011 has brought together amateurs and professionals of every age and from all walks of life to celebrate and develop, as artists, life in the city.


Artistic culmination at the Théâtre de l'Aquarium.

Saturday 26 : Movere or move

A day at La Cartoucherie, at the Théâtre de l'Aquarium.

Morning session – Artistic Expression : rhythm, movement, song, speech.


Afternoon session : some artists will take us through and invite us to contemplate a diaporama of a work by Caravaggio ; They will help us to enter into the work and to dialogue with it and its painter. After, in groups, discussion with artists who will talk about their work and creative activity.


Recital in the theatre

Sunday 27 : docere or teach and learn

At La Cartoucherie, théâtre de l'aquarium.

Morning session : discussion in workshops, ateliers de parole.

' How can we enable Beauty to progress in our lives and our work? '


Closing session in the theatre : encounter with a leading personality.

The congress will finish at 5 pm.