For a society of gratuité, giving
may 1st to may 3rd, 1998
Louvain la Neuve, Belgium

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Three days in the heart of a new city that has just celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation. Beauty opens life and human activity for their real purpose; It is the seal of the inestimable value of the human person, the outpouring of our mystery. It does nothing, it is gratuit, given, yet, if it is missing, then we are missing everything.

“Late I loved you, beauty...” Olivier Fenoy, comedian, initiator of the Congress, France,
Louvain la Neuve, creating a city, Michel Woitrin, Professor Emeritus and honorary Depuly of the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.
Music for hope, Miguel Angel Estrella, pianist, founder of hope music in Argentina - Marie-Lou Coegels, delegate for Hope Music, Belgium.
A free society: Cardinal Godfried Daneels, Archbishop of Mechelen- Brussels, Belgium.
Beauty source of healing: Pascal Ide, priest, physician and philosopher, France.
Approaching the inexpressible, Jean Cosse, Architect, member of the Academy, Belgium.

Round table
Precariousness and solidarity in Latino-American culture, Fidél Sépulveda, Chili - The era of highways, Jean-François Vézinat, psychologist, Quebec, Canada - The African man and his quest for beauty, Ya Mutuale Balume, delegate service Cooperation and development (Lyon) Zaire.

Workshop meetings of the standing committees of the Congress

Exposition: Ceramics of Max Van der Linden, presented by Baga Martens, Belgium.
Piano Recital: Miguel Angel Estrella
Musical evening: Elena Steinkogler, pianist, Spain - Elizabeth Goethels, mezzo, Belgium

Theatre Evening: Ossip Mandelstein: Isabelle Forest, France, Ian Contreras, Chili. L'Alouette de J. Anouilh: Cécile Maudet, Jean-Denis Monory, France.

Conclusion: And if ugliness could save the world? Michel Pochet, painter and poet, Italy.