Invitation to the next congress
"And if beauty could save the world?"
Paris from 24 till 27 August 2017

Paris by nigth

Inherent in each one of us, Beauty can sometimes take us by surprise by breaking through all the obstacles we put in its way. it reveals to us that we are someone else, not the person we thought we were !

Violently rejected for having been externalised for so long, stifled by a strict formality, here it  seems to rise up differently, new and more profoundly.

While most of the time, beauty is locked in our own prisons within, the essence of Beauty lives on – whatever happens in our lives – in our inmost being. Invisibly, secretly, most delicately, it gains ground. Liberated, a fruit of communion, it brings out our uniqueness...

...And we begin to realise that it is the relation, the attentiveness, the quality of presence in a work, to nature and even more to the other, to the other whatever that might be, which lets it unveil itself to us.
So going to the uttermost depths of ourselves, we join the universal.

From the 24 to 27 August, at La Cartoucherie, together knowing that Beauty is neither a concept nor aesthetics or a state, but an interior and exterior revolution which amazes, drains and fulfils us, we are going to meet together to drink at this underground spring, this groundwater. Will we come back from it satisfied, purified, energised, capable of an unarmed presence , in the open air ?

This is what we promise ourselves, conscious that our societies need to find a blast of air that neither politicians nor economists suffice to offer them..... certain, that it is as artists that we must
identify ourselves  to pacify our relationships, reinvent work, and embrace the world.